Try our API using our public collection on Postman


  • Contact us to request access to our demo environment.
  • After getting in contact with us, you will need to provide us with a public key to handle your API access.


Postman is a user-friendly app that helps people work with APIs, whether you're an experienced developer or new to coding. It makes it easy to see our available endpoints and test APIs before writing any code.

It is especially useful as it will directly generate Authorization header in the request thanks to a pre-script that we implemented in the Postman collection.

Setup Postman

Update environment variable

We made a boilerplate environment to get you started. You need to fork it to add it to the workspace where you forked the API collection. You will then be able to select it on the top right of the screen (see below).

Once you have forked it, you will need to fill the following fields:

  • company-id : the id of the company that has been created for you. It will be provided to you during the onboarding.
  • key-id: the id of the API user that you will be able to use. It will be send to you during our onboarding.
  • private-key: the private key linked to the public key that you shared with us. For your safety, do not use any key that you will or already use in production environment.
  • environment, baseUrl values have been already setup in the environment and do not need to be changed.

Start requesting the API

After updated the environment variables, you can start making requests to the API. Do not forget to add your {{company-id}} environment variable in the path when needed.