Set up an account

Learn how to get access to the product

Welcome to the Fipto documentation. Before starting to use our product, you will need to request access. The guide below will help you know where to start.

Request an account

To request an account creation, you can contact us. You can have access to 2 types of environment:

  • Demo: an environment where you can test our product. You will get access to both the platform (interface to try out payments and/or conversions), and the API. Once your account has been created, you will be able to access it at (or to request the API).
  • Production: after having tested the product and successfully passed KYB, you will get credentials (platform users and/or API users) to access our production environment. This environment is accessible at (or for the API).

If you want to try our product through the API, you will need to provide us with your public key (see Generate Private and Public Key documentation).