Payment Link Overview


Payment links object have several statuses:

PendingNoThe payment link has been created but the payer did not initiated the payment yet (or the payment has been initiated but we do not have sufficient blockchain confirmation yet).
CompletedYesThe payment link has been fully paid by the payer. In case of overpayment, the payment link status will also be shown as completed and the excess amount will be returned to the payer.
UnderpaidYesThe payer did not sent enough funds. It will be completely refunded (subject to refund processing costs) by Fipto.
ExpiredYesThe payment link expired either because the expiration date has been reached OR the 15 minute quote lock timer reached the end.


Integrating the Payment Link API involves the following steps:

  1. Counterparty Validation: The customer confirms their shopping cart or requests to make a deposit on your platform.
  2. POST /payment-links: You call the Payment Link API, providing details of the transaction including the payment amount, an external reference, and an optional expiration date.
  3. URL Generation: Our product generates a payment link and returns it in the API response. You can then redirect the customer to this link, where they can complete their payment using cryptocurrency.
  4. Status Update: After the customer completes the payment, the status of the payment link is updated to completed, indicating that the transaction has been successfully processed.

Payment flow