How to manage my Payment Links?

Fipto Payment Links enable you to collect payments in stablecoins and receive the funds converted to euros directly to your Fipto wallet or external account. No crypto wallet, no direct exposure to crypto. Fipto will handle the transaction and conversion on your behalf to make it simple and efficient.

How do I create a Payment Link?

From the Fipto app menu bar, select “Payments” > “Payment links” and click on “Create new link”. Note that you can customize each Payment Link by defining the following items:

  • Recipient address → You can choose to receive the funds on your Fipto wallet (”Fipto Wallet”) or on an external account you own (”Beneficiary self”);
  • Amount → Set the amount and target currency you want to receive, we will generate a real-time quote that will be automatically set to receive the exact amount you defined;
  • (Optional) Note → Add a note to provide some context about your payment request (eg. “March consulting fee”);
  • (Optional) External reference → Add a payment reference (eg. your invoice number);
  • (Optional) Expiration date → You can set a date at which your Payment Link will automatically expire.

When you are done, click on “Create link” to successfully generate your Payment Link.

How do I share my Payment Link?

Once created, you can copy your Payment Link URL and paste it to your preferred channels: email, SMS, WhatsApp, or PDF invoice for instance. To avoid any mistakes, you can use the “copy” button next to your payment link to retrieve your URL.

Did you forget to copy the URL after creating your Payment Link? No worries, you can access all your Payment Links whenever you need by navigating to “Payments” > “Payment links” from the Fipto app menu bar.

What do payers see when they click on a Payment Link?

When your payers click your Payment Link, they will be able to review your payment request with the following information:

  • Amount in euros → The exact amount you requested them to pay;
  • Note → The payment note you may have added to justify the payment nature;
  • Reference → The payment reference you added (eg. your invoice number).

From the payment page, they will be able to select in which currency they want to pay. We currently support the following currencies (note that this list can be updated by Fipto to highlight newly added and removed currencies):

  • USDT (Ethereum Chain)
  • USDC (Ethereum Chain)
  • USDT (Polygon Chain)
  • USDC (Polygon Chain)

Once the payment currency is selected, your payers will get a conversion quote from their selected currency to euros. This quote will refresh automatically every 30 seconds to guarantee the best available rates and liquidity.

How do I get paid using a Payment Link?

Once payers accept the conversion quote, Fipto will guarantee the quote for 15 minutes, for the payer to finalize his payment. Once his payment is processed and validated by the blockchain and AML-CFT checks, your Payment Link’s status will be updated to “completed” (in your payment links history) and you will be notified by email of the new transaction.

You will receive your funds directly in euros to the recipient address you selected when creating your Payment Link.


Important note

Fipto will only guarantee each quote during 15 minutes. If a payer fails to finalize his payment within this time frame, the payment will be cancelled and a new Payment Link will need to be generated.

What happens in case of underpayment or overpayment?

Underpayment - If a payer pays an amount below what you requested, Fipto will cancel the transaction and refund the payer. A new Payment Link will need to be created to resume the payment process.

Overpayment - If a payer pays more than the amount that was requested, Fipto will validate the payment and send you the funds you requested while refunding the overpayment to the payer on the other hand.


Important note

Fipto may charge a 10.00€ operational fee to the payer to handle the refund process.

How much time does it take for me to receive my payment in euros?

Once a payment is successfully processed by the payer, your funds will be automatically converted to euros and deposited to the specified Fipto wallet or external account. Note that it can take up to 1 business day, depending on the issuing bank and network, for your funds to be visible in your account.